Tonya L. Alston Author & Life Coach

Welcome to the life and times of Tonya L. Alston. Of course life wasn't so easy for me, but I believe in myself and others, There is hope for us to overcome the obstacles of life. 

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Tonya L. Alston aka Serqet AmenRa

Author & Life Coach

My life has had many ups and downs, changes and turbulence's. Like many of you, I didn't know how to navigate the stormy seas life can float us right into. I to, have felt like I was out of options. Join me as I unpack my story in a series of books written to share exactly what happened and how I made it over the many mountains fairly unscathed! I love my life today and I wouldn't change my path for anyone. Today, I know now it was for a reason and I discovered my gift in the midst of it all. In the process I have  emerged as Serqet AmenRa! I would love to share my journey with you.